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Our Chairman gets his views aired on CO alarms

By: HVP magazine  On: 10-02-2013 23:22  (21641 Reads)

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Reply to HVP article - Action against the Silent Killer

By: Barry Matthews  On: 20-11-2012 09:01  (9029 Reads)

Members of OPGO have read the article "Action against the silent killer" in HVP November/December edition and wondered where the author has gained his knowledge of our industry.

When he says "some are already demonstrating good practice by not signing off service work until a carbon monoxide alarm has been fitted" we think that is misleading and has no basis in the regulations that control the gas industry. Fortunately our industry is run by people who follow common sense, not some political agenda (however well intentioned) and we like to deal in facts not fiction.

Gas Spares Pricing

By: Barry Matthews  On: 16-11-2012 15:08  (9084 Reads)

Chairman's Opinion:-

As a working gas service engineer I am always amazed at the arbitrary way spares are priced.

Equality and the Law - passed to the CPS to answer

By: OPGO secretary  On: 15-09-2012 07:23  (5043 Reads)

Dear OPGO Secretary

Thank you for your email in relation to ‘Equality under the Law’ which has been passed to the CPS Strategy and Policy Directorate.


Further correspondence with Sentencing and Policies Unit

By: OPGO Sec  On: 03-09-2012 22:19  (8468 Reads)

Dear Mr

May I congratulate you on your reply being to the highest standards of the Civil Service as portrayed so admirably by Sir Humphrey in Yes Prime Minister.

I am a bit concerned that this Public Interest argument means that doctors never get charged and gas engineers always do without there being any reason given why it is the public interest to charge one group and not the other.

Reply to letter see previous article Equality under the Law

By: OPGO Secretary  On: 03-09-2012 21:03  (10474 Reads)

Our ref: TO12/4746

Dear Mr Lerner,

Thank you for your email of 7 August about charges brought against and sentencing of people found guilty of manslaughter (copy below). Your email has been passed to the Sentencing Policy and Penalties Unit at the Ministry of Justice and I have been asked to respond.

In your e-mail you set out concerns that gas engineers are treated severely by the law, and compare this to how doctors who are grossly negligent are treated. You also ask if charges for gross manslaughter will be brought in a case of possible medical negligence at Thames Hospital, a case which was reported in a BBC news article.


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